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Cowichan Station

The Hub of the Universe is a 100 year old school which was saved by a heroic effort from the community to use as the cultural home of the area. Cowichan Station was settled by James Mearns, James Itemingo and Arthur Todd in 1862. A great place to visit, read more...


How to Start a Butterfly Garden

How to Start a Butterfly Garden

September 29, 2019 by Brooke Wohlrabe

Butterflies are admired for their bright colors and graceful movements. Butterflies are not just attractive insects, but they can help pollinate plants. If you’d like to see more butterflies around your yard, you should consider starting a butterfly garden.

Several Monarch butterflies are seen on some Aster Woods Purple flowers.

A butterfly garden does not just attract butterflies to your garden, but truly helps butterflies because it gives them a safe space and ample plants and flowers to feed on and lay eggs on.

Read how to create your own butterfly garden here...

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